Buggy Adrenaline

Buggy Adrenaline is a great daytime activity that combines the excitement of driving a powerful Buggy visiting one of the most beautiful areas of the Merzouga desert and the very deep Sahara desert. To assure your ultimate all-road experience we use top of the Buggy drive to run these amazing all-road tracks, sand dunes and test your driving skills!

Experienced staff will take good care of you, their most important goal is to satisfy our clients and take their time during their Morocco Buggy Sahara Adventure tour: Time to make sure you have the right equipment, time to make sure you are comfortable with your buggy, time to create an excursion to suit you and time to enjoy the desert experience.

We offer suitable Merzouga Buggy Driving tours for all categories: groups, families, Students, and Couples, or a group of friends getting together to have a fun day out.